What Is CSA?

CSA Productions is, quite simply, Brendt W Waters. What started out as just a means to have my own domain (partly because I wanted to change ISPs without changing email addresses and partly because all the cool kids were getting domains) has grown to encompass my development projects, further training to enhance the skills needed for them, and any other miscellaneous tasks that I pursue.

To learn more about these projects, you can check out my active portfolio, details on work that is in progress or ongoing, and a look back at previous projects that are no longer active.

My ultimate passion is to make something. Within the IT field, this desire most easily lends itself to some sort of development — whether that is application development, web development, or some combination of the two. And, indeed, my efforts in development have been quite rewarding.

That said, my many years of work in support have been very fulfilling. One of the things that one can make is to make another person successful, both in direct support and in designing and creating processes that bring about that person’s success.

Looking at the term from another angle, one other thing that I would like to make is a lasting impact. While I realize that IT work seldom has such an impact in a direct manner, I wish to contribute to the success of those who do. With that in mind, two of the areas in which I would ideally wish to concentrate my efforts are in education or health care, the end results of which are obvious.

Oh, and if you’re curious, the acronym stands for Contemplative Smart-Aleck.