mary, did you know? well, no, not really

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This year has seen a lot of backlash against the Mark Lowry/Buddy Greene song, “Mary, Did You Know?” Some of it has been mere comments that the song doesn’t resonate with the person, but a lot has gone much further into holier-than-thou accusations of Biblical illiteracy or simply mean-spirited Grumpy Cat memes. My personal theory […]

cut short

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I was digging through some old papers tonight, and ran across something interesting. It was two excerpts from the start of a review that I was writing (for TLeM) of Rich Mullins’ posthumous recording, The Jesus Record. Like Rich’s life, this review is far from complete. It has an abrupt stop in the middle and […]

liner notes junkie in 2012

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Back in the 80s and 90s, I often described myself as a liner notes junkie. Given how much I love music, my CD/cassette/album collection is nauseatingly large. But my love for music is exceeded by my love for words. So whenever I got a new CD/cassette/album, I’d go straight to the liner notes to see what […]

land o’ links monday – 4/30/12

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I didn’t have anything to share one week, but then spaced out last week and didn’t post anything when I did have stuff. So you get a “double portion” today. Favorite links of the week: Jeremy Lin on Tim Tebow Carlos Whitaker (and all of the rest of us, if we’re honest) gets schooled. Carlos […]

way-back wednesday – 4/25/12

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artist: Randy Stonehill song: Keep Me Runnin’ year: 1976 album: Welcome to Paradise