alcorn rises above

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By now many know of the Chad Allen / Steve Saint / End of the Spear controvery. Not as many know that a lot of what was said was untrue and/or unkind (though I’ve tried to point some of that out here). In an article that he wrote, Randy Alcorn (speaker/teacher/author, among other things) details the misinformation, why it was so damning to its victims and Christianity at-large, and his efforts to reconcile Saint, Mart Green (of Every Tribe Entertainment), and their accusers/detractors.

If you read some/most of what I said in this blog, you’ll see some similarity in Alcorn’s article. However, Alcorn’s treatment — and I say this partly to my shame — is much heavier on Scripture and grace and contains none of the snarkiness of my posts. He does lay the greater responsibility at the feet of those that spread disinformation about Saint and Green, but he does so graciously.

Knowing what I do of Randy Alcorn, none of this is at all surprising. It’s a long article, but I highly commend it to your reading.

HT to Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds for bringing Alcorn’s response to my attention.

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    Thank you for sharing the link to Randy Alcorn’s article.

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