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The Candy ShopBack in November, CNN (Headline News, actually, IIRC) ran a piece on Whitestone Motion Pictures’ “The Candy Shop” and an interview with Brandon McCormick (Whitestone’s founder).

“The Candy Shop” is a fairy tale about the sex-trafficking industry. It’s done in such a way that it doesn’t tip its hand to the naive viewer about its actual subject matter. But if you know what it’s about, the film is simultaneously entertaining and horrifying.

If you haven’t seen the film, stop reading this post and go watch it now. I’ll wait.

Not convinced yet to watch a 30-minute film?  OK, how about the trailer?

After only four months, CNN finally got around to uploading the story it aired (though, sadly, not the interview with McCormick). You can see it here.

Although happy for any publicity that this issue (and the folks at Whitestone) can get, I was disheartened that the piece aired 20 minutes later than it was supposed to air, so that CNN could cover Bob Costas’ interview with Jerry Sandusky from the night before. While Sandusky was the cause célèbre in media circles at that time, it should be noted that Atlanta rips through 15-20 times the number of sex victims per month that Sandusky allegedly abused in his entire life.

On a (much) lighter note, most of Whitestone’s films are a lot sunnier — after all, they primarily make fables and fairy tales (and one really cool music video).  Go check them all out when you get a chance.

Note that with the exception of “the trailer” and the CNN link, all the links here go to the Whitestone web site, as each one has extra content that you may not want to miss (behind the scenes, making of, etc).

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