but God meant it for good

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Martha Payne is a nine-year-old in the UK. With a bit of help from her dad, she started a blog about the cafeteria lunches at her school.  She takes pictures of her lunch each day, rates it on several scales (including how many mouthfuls it took to consume) and makes other comments about it. Best of all, she’s using the blog to raise money for a charity that helps combat child hunger.

Then, an over-enthusiastic reporter got hold of the story. Ragging on the fact that the meals are sometimes unhealthy or low in portion, he wrote an article that allegedly had the cafeteria workers fearing for their jobs. Naturally, the school’s reaction wasn’t to confront the reporter, but to take it out on the kid. Yesterday, she was banned from taking pictures of her lunches. Last night, she posted a “goodbye” message on her blog.

In what — I imagine — was more incredulity than outrage, word of this silliness got out pretty fast.  Higher-ups instructed than the ban be lifted. So happy ending.

But here’s the cool part. The publicity that was generated by the silly ban helped her fund-raising efforts a little bit.  About 24 hours ago, she was at £2000 of her £7000 goal. Now she’s almost to £44,000 !!

It’s not Joseph being sold into slavery and then saving a whole country, but the principle is the same.

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