a nation of laws?

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painting by Pieter BruegelSince I run in largely conservative circles, I hear often that “we are a nation of laws”. Or, in less serious contexts, that we are to “follow the rules”.

Then I read the story of the woman caught in adultery. According to the laws established by God Himself — not just some random schmo in Washington — adulterers were to be stoned. And there were more than enough witnesses to make the accusation stick (also according to God’s law).

But Jesus intervened.

Now does this mean that He was cool with adultery? Did Jesus have His own Ashley Madison account? Of course not. But He knew the full story and His judgment was based upon that. It wasn’t merely based on some knee-jerk adherence to a handful of words spouted by some talk show pundit.

That, my friends, is “zero tolerance” — something that most conservatives (rightly) despise but (regularly) practice.

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