friend of what?

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Some time ago, Emergent Village came up with the following logo and encouraged bloggers to put it on their blogs:

In response to that, the anti-Emergent crowd apparently felt that they needed their own logo to combat this, so Keith Oliver of ThinkerUp created this:

Frankly, while I think there are dangers on both sides of this fence, it occurs to me that logo-wise, neither group is right. To quote Ferris Bueller:

Ism‘s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an –ism

Not that I get my theology from Matthew Broderick, but why would we want to believe in or be friends of an -ism ? So here’s my logo:

Feel free to use it or not. If anyone does use it, please put it on your own system — don’t just link to this one.

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  1. Reply Nathanael says:

    I just posted your “Friend of People” logo on my website.
    You said you did not want it linked back here.
    Did I do it correctly?

    Please advise

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