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As you may know, Michael “iMonk” Spencer heads up a weblog conversation at a site called “The Boar’s Head Tavern“.

Won’t bother linking my comment, but the other day I defended iMonk in the comments of another blog. Actually “defended” isn’t the right word. The blogger mistated something about iMonk, and then when iMonk tried to correct the mis-statement, the blogger promptly and deliberately ignored him. So I asked “what gives?”

Well, this got me labeled. (Big surprise) Apparently, I am a “tavern lackey”. This was probably intended as an insult, but frankly I consider it an honor. And since I hadn’t been to CafePress in at least two days, I had to make this up:

Ordinarily I just make up the shirt, take a screenshot, and toss the CafePress order. But I may just have to actually get one of these.

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