who is two-sheds gomer?

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It’s me, silly!

Oh, you want an explanation of the name….

A Gomer is a member of the fan club of Christian rock band, Third Day. The origin of the name is explained on their website:

The name “Gomer” comes from the Third Day song “Gomer’s Theme” on the Conspiracy #5 CD. But if you dig deeper, and read the book of Hosea, you will see that Gomer was a person who walked away from love to go her own way. Her husband loved her so much that he let her go. When the time was right, he bought her out of slavery, cleaned her up, and took her on a honeymoon. Then he took her home. He showed her unconditional love.

This story is an example of God’s love for us. We were lost in sin, but God bought us back with the blood of His Son, Jesus. He cleans us up, and brings us close to Himself, and one day, He will take us home to live with Him forever. He shows us unconditional love.

So there’s the Gomer half of the name.

Every Gomer has a name — “something Gomer”. Two-Sheds was a nickname for a character in a Monty Python sketch. He was an orchestral conductor being interviewed on a talk show. Rather than talk about his upcoming appearances or his work in general, the interviewer wasted all the time on his nickname. Sometimes it feels like others are missing the point when they talk to me (though many probably feel the same way), hence the choice.

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