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Sonflower Ministries

Sonflower Ministries

Sonflower Ministries, part of the Son Of God Fellowship network of ministries, is a restoration ministry for women. While they had a web site, it had not been updated in several years. They wanted a new look for their site and something that could be easily updated with news, prayer requests, and pictures of the various activities of the ministry.

I chose WordPress for the CMS, both for its high functionality, the ability to update with news, prayer requests, and devotionals via the blog portion of the site, and the ability for interactivity with the readership. The client found the Avisio WordPress theme aesthetically pleasing, and it was also well-suited for the purposes of this site, particularly the display of photo galleries. Several modifications and additions were made to the CSS and PHP files of the WordPress theme and plug-ins to enhance aesthetics and accommodate customizations.

In the near future (when ministry staff have time to collaborate), I will be making modification to the site to allow donations to the ministry to be made online. Online registration and payment for future retreats (one of the big activities in which the ministry engages) will also be added. Ministry staff have also indicated the desire for e-commerce with an online store of teachings and music produced by the ministry.

I created extensive documentation and provided training for the ministry staff to be able to update the blog and photo galleries. The documentation and training will be enhanced as future updates (such as online registration and e-commerce) are incorporated.

Tender Touch, Inc

Tender Touch, Inc

Tender Touch, Inc, is a massage business, specializing in clientele in hospice/palliative care and other highly sensitive people. Donna Koffel, owner/operator of Tender Touch, recognized the need for a web presence, mostly as a word-of-mouth communication tool. Given the more static nature of such a site, it made more sense to build a site from the ground up rather than using a formal CMS.

PHP, CSS, and HTML were used for developing the site. I also consulted with Donna on both overall layout and language of the presented material, relying on editorial skills for the latter.

Donna expressed a desire to separate personal and work communications (without incurring any additional expense), so I established Google Voice and gmail accounts for her work efforts. Both of these allow contact with Tender Touch directly from the web site. I also provided training for Donna on how to maximize the features of these tools (particularly Google Voice).

1200 Miles of Hope

1200 Miles of Hope

1200 Miles of Hope is a 15-day charity bicycle ride throughout the Southeast to raise funds for Honduran children’s ministries. William Griffin, the cyclist, had a Facebook group created, but wanted to broaden awareness beyond this method, so I created a web site to meet these needs.

I selected WordPress as the CMS and chose to use a blog format to allow updates and diary entries by William and his wife during and after the ride.

The route is stored in a table in a MySQL database, allowing for fast and central modification, if needed. A page of the site details the entire route, and a section of the sidebar shows the current portion of the route (including yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s legs) while the ride is taking place. Both of these were written in PHP, drawing the necessary data from the database.

I established a Twitter account specifically for the ride so that William can tweet to his followers from the road. I also established a live link to the Twitter feed in the sidebar of the web site.

Several modifications and additions were made to the CSS and PHP files of the WordPress theme chosen to enhance aesthetics and accommodate customizations.

I also provided William and his wife documentation explaining how they could access the blog to provide their updates.

Future plans include the ability to accept pledges and donations directly on the site and a running total that will keep readers apprised of the funds raised. There was, unfortunately, not enough time to work out the tax ramifications of this functionality for the May 2011 ride; however, it will be implemented for the next ride (date TBD).

J & J Photography

J & J Photography

J & J Photography provides on-location and studio photography.  Johnnie Hailey-Moffo, owner and principal photographer, recognized the need for a web presence for J & J, particularly as it was a relatively new business.

While she is not currently blogging for the business, Johnnie noted the possibility of using this method of communication in the future.  With this in mind, I chose to use WordPress as the CMS, with the blog portion of the theme inaccessible to the user.  When she wishes to begin a blog, it can be made visible on the site with less than five minutes’ work.

I chose the Avisio WordPress theme, as it is well-suited for displaying photography galleries and can easily downplay (or completely ignore) the existence of a blog portion of the site.

Several modifications and additions were made to the CSS and PHP files of the WordPress theme chosen to enhance aesthetics and accommodate customizations.

I also wrote extensive documentation to allow Johnnie to take over the process of running her site, including adding new photographs and galleries — which is, obviously, the most important aspect of a photographer’s web site.