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As a lifelong PC bigot, it pains me to say this, but I love my iPod. And I even kinda like iTunes. But even if you don’t have either, this still might apply, so keep reading.

There are lots of teaching MP3s out there that are not in any kind of feed.  Usually this is because they are a static set of files (no longer being added to). But it would be really groovy if there was a feed out there, so that you could pull them into iTunes (as a podcast) — or whatever RSS aggregator you happen to use.

I am creating such RSS feeds for my own use and figured that there might be others who could use them as well.  For each set of files, I am creating two feeds — one in which the earliest teaching is first (and then the file moves forward in time) and one in which the most recent teaching is first (and then the file moves backward in time).  I do this to give you a choice — while an iPod allows you to play podcasts in either order, some MP3 players may not do this.  Since these feeds will be of static sets of files, they will not be changing, so both formats will be acceptable — nothing will get lost or confused.

Please note that I am not hosting the MP3s, but only these feeds. So if the feeds stop working because the MP3s disappeared, there’s nothing I can do about that.

This list will keep growing, so check back now and then to see if I’ve added anything new and interesting.

But before you use any of the feeds, may I suggest that you watch this video:

Also, if you choose to use any of the feeds, I would greatly appreciate it if you filled out this contact form. I promise to never use your email address for anything (except to alert you about new feeds, if you check that option).

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Using the feeds

Here’s a little tutorial on using the feeds, in case you don’t know how.

  1. Right-click on the link that you want. A menu will pop up.
  2. Save the link to the clipboard by choosing “Copy link address” (for the Chrome browser), or “Copy link location” (Firefox), or “Copy shortcut” (IE).
  3. How you then employ this in your aggregator will vary.  For iTunes, select “Subscribe to Podcast” on the “Advanced” menu, then paste (Ctrl-V on a PC) the clipboard contents into the window that pops up and click OK.

Michael Card – Wednesday night teachings at Christ Community Church

Michael CardFrom September 2008 to March 2010, Michael led studies at Christ Community Church. All of the studies can be found here. The first of these studies contained material that became his book, A Better Freedom.  He also led studies in the Gospels of John and Luke (feeds pending for those).

A Better Freedom (6 studies)

Feed with earliest teaching first
Feed with most recent teaching first
Note: The study from week 3 is moreso a discussion led by Scott Roley. Mike was out of town that week.

The Gospel of John (20 studies)

Feed with earliest teaching first
Feed with most recent teaching first
Note: The studies for chapters 13 and 19 are unavailable due to technical difficulties in the recording.

The Gospel of Luke (24 studies)

Feed with earliest teaching first
Feed with most recent teaching first
Note: Several of the chapters are taught by Mike Smith.